miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2009

Lie Ciocarlie with english subtitles

Lie Ciocarlie is a popular rumanian song written by the great romanian artist Maria Ciobanu. Vitas sang his own version of this song in rumanian as a gift to all his rumanian fans.
I hope you enjoy the lyrics of this beautiful song.
I thank Alex of RadioVitas for translate the lyrics for me. You are a great friend!!

Lie Ciocarlie Lyrics (translated to english)

Lark, lark, skylark

Go on and tell me

Why do you fly in the wind

And come down on the ground?

Lark, lark, skylark

Why do you sing on the field

Without your peer?

Why do you stay in the plain

Alone, all by yourself

Lark, lark, skylark

Why don’t you sing in the valley

Where it is cooler

At the cold spring

Or do you want to compete with me?

Lark, lark, skylark.

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  1. Hello, I'm so glad i've found your blog!!!!!!!!!!

    I recently discovered Vitas and am absolutely addicted. I've started blogging about him too and telling my friends about him. Will soon read the rest of your blog.

    Bye for now. :)