lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2009

Beneath The Glory - Mulan´Song by Vitas!!

The working version of Beneath the Glory MV has been uploaded online. It is the basic musical theme of film MULAN performed by Vitas. Chinese film studio makes this MV. The basic variant of the video will be ready on January, 15th. This MV will be used as musical promotion of film in the Europe and the USA.

Link to the original source of this video

Beneath The Glory

Sands of time all buried
In the depths silently
Tears of struggle unrelenting
Lost to the world
Song of grief and sorrow
Washed away my soul
You know
I have to go

Journey Through the vastness
I withstand winds of change
Faithfully the sun arises
Light We will see
Now Beneath the glory
let the truth be freed
it´s me
You know it´s Me

Let the winds take me to the edge
Hear my voice soaringly awake
while sacrifices must be made
I will not break
I ´ll find my way

Oh let my faith bring my back home
with all my sorrows
bound to the fade
I´ll set the veil upon my face
I will not break
i´ll find the way

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