lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

New Year´s performances of Vitas in China

In January, 2010 Vitas took part in some events in China:
January, 11 - Asia Fashion Ceremony SANYA - 2010
January, 14 - Press conference in Beijing
TV reporting
January, 16 - Spring Festival Global Gala on BTV
The premiere of a duet with Chinese singer Tan Tsan.
duet mp3
Dear friends!
There is the premiere of the international song I LOVE YOU for you. This song was recorded by the world-famous stars for the final of Spring Festival Global Gala on BTV
star chorus mp3
January, 19 - New Year's show on Beijing TV with songs
"A Sea Is My Home" and "A Kiss"
The broadcasting will take place on New Year's Eve on the national channel.

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