domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Leaves Have Flown From Poplars with english subtitles

Hello my dear friends!!

Today i post a new video with english subtitles: Leaves Have Flown From Poplars.

I hope you like it!!

The Leaves Have Flown Away

The poplar leaves have flown away
The inevitable situation repeated in
the world...
Dont regret the leaves,
Dont regret,
But regret my love,
But regret my love
And tenderness...
And tenderness...

Let the tree stay bare,
Dont curse the noisy snowstorms.
Is it anybodys guilt
That the leaves have flown from the

The poplar leaves have flown away...
The leaves have flown away...

Thanks to Nicolenava who allow me use this beautiful video to add spanish and english subtitles.

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